I80 out of a Hannibal cow
Can be shown as Chimaine.
Out of a Sin City son
Can be shown as a shorthorn plus.

Bojo x Star Power (PB Simmi) Heifer
Bojo x Amigo (Simmi) Heifer

Thriller x X-Ray Vision Steer

Monopoly 2 X Shear Force (PB Simmi) Steer 


ADD Johnny (Angus) x Monopoly heifer


Dew It Right x Paddy O'Malley Steer


Sin City Son out of All About You Simme Angus Cow Heifer


Heifer Walks Alone x Hannibal


Steer I-80 x Carhart

Steer Believe In Me x Shorthorn Cross


Heifer Damn Proud x Double Stuff

Heifer Monopoly2 x Full Flush Angus

Heifer Monopoly 2 x Hannibal Full Throttle
Heifer Southern Comfort x Full Flush Angus

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